Arianna Tilbury snags Athlete of the Week for her dominating tennis this year, capped by win v. BHS

Our athlete of the week Arianna Tilbury could easily make a case for athlete of the year. She is only a sophomore but it the Stockdale varsity tennis' number one. She's beaten the number one of every other school she's played in the Central Section and she did it again this week against BHS.
“We had a long weekend with the Lewis Cup,” Arianna told 23ABC on Wednesday, “I was mentally fatigued but I just tried to work through it when I was playing.”
“The Lewis Cup drained us mentally and emotionally,” Tilbury’s coach Dave Hillestad said, “she got it back though and really did a great job against BHS because that would have put a question mark on who our league's number one is.”
But as it stands, there's no doubt. Arianna's Central Section undefeated record is even more impressive considering she's only a sophomore.
“I thought last year when she was a freshman she was pretty good,” Hillestad continued, “when you're that young you don't feel the pressure. Now she's a sophomore and she has handled everything like a champion.”
“It's tough in a way,” Tilbury explained, “balancing school and tennis. I am glad to be able to do it and have that privilege.”
The privilege is also with the rest of the Mustangs, Arianna dominates alone on the court for sure but practicing against one of the section's best rubs off on an entire team.
“She makes everybody better,” Hillestad explained, “when she's out here with the girls, you have one of the best players if not the best singles player in the section, when she comes out here and practices every day, everyone gets better.”
For her undefeated record, stretching into this weekend in an SWYL win against BHS, Arianna Tilbury earns a plaque provided by Kern Trophies and is our female athlete of the week!
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