Athlete of the Week: Destiny Julye

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - Any volleyball coach would love to have a player like Tehachapi's Destiny Julye. She is the perfect mix of physical and mental ability.

"She is encouraging to everyone," Julye's coach Sheri Dees told 23ABC, "she is very, very good obviously. Her arm swing is the best I've seen at high school level. She pounds the ball down. She's not arrogant, she's all about making her team mates look good too."

"We all communicate in the same way so I feel like it's perfect this year," Julye said of her Warriors, "a lot of chemistry."

That chemistry has shown itself in the team's first two tournaments. Destiny was all-tournament selection at Clovis and most recently was MVP of the Ridgeview Volleyball Tournament.

"For the Ridgeview tournament a lot of us were ready to go in and win," Julye explained, "have the mindset that we're the best and that helped us a lot for that."

"There was one time that she hit into the block. It was hit so hard that it went all the way into the rafters. The whole gymnasium went, ohhh," Dees described her star outside player, "those things are common for us to hear with her on the court."

Destiny helped take home the Ridgeview tournament championship for the Warriors and a Carl's Jr. athlete of the week plaque provided by Kern Trophies for herself. It's no wonder that just last month she comitted herself as a UCLA Bruin.

Congratulations to Destiny Julye of Tehachapi volleyball, you're this week's athlete of the week.

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