Audrey Willoughby of Liberty swimming takes athlete of the week for fantastic deafeat of Centennial

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Winners in the swimming pool have patient discipline. Even swimmers on a team spend a lot of time with themselves in their head and in the water. Audrey Willoughby on the Liberty High swim team has the discipline it takes to be a winner.

"You just have to love it," Willoughby said at practice on Wednesday, "you have to go out every practice and give 110% because that is what's going to make you a better swimmer in competition."

But it wasn't always like that.

"[Audrey] came out, she was just an ordinary swimmer," Liberty coach Marc Urmston explained, "was one of the top JV kids and working hard on varsity. Now, in her senior year she is one of the top swimmers in the league and in the Valley."
"I'm going to Valley," Willoughby proudly said, "I hope to make it into the finals."

Audrey's hard work was on display last week - she put in for first place finishes for Liberty, they defeated Centennial and remain unbeaten in league.

"Centennial has always been a great team," Marc said, "they've won league the last three years. She brought it out, they gelled together and swam really well."
"I couldn't have done it without my team," Willoughby said, "my team is so strong and it is fun to work with my team. Those girls are incredible."

While Audrey plans on winning league and eventually valley as a senior, she has plans beyond that. The valley prospect has just committed to swim collegiately in division one at Cal State Bakesfield.

"As a team we can now go root her on," Marc said of his star-swimmer's college proximity, "I am proud of her, no matter where she goes she is a benefit to that team."

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