Bakersfield High School alumni spruce up victory bell for students

Victory bell was a gift to class of '63

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield High School Alumni spruced up the school's victory bell to present to students at Friday night's football game. 

The bell, which was given to the class of 1963 as a present, was in poor shape and had not been kept up with.

"Somebody mentions the victory bell and we got together and I volunteered to look into it and see if I could fix it," said Jerry Rodriguez, a 1963 alum. 

The victory bell was used every time the football team would score a touchdown.

In order to fix the bell, Rodriguez had to spend a lot of time painting it and putting new fixtures on the bell. 

Alumni hope that when they give the bell to the class of 2014, Friday night, they will carry on the tradition and give it to the class of 2064 in 50 years. 


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