BHS Drillers' football State Championship celebrated by community on Tuesday

It's been 32 days since the BHS Drillers won a state championship in football but the official celebration was today.
"Normally, the last game of the year it's good to say goodbye to the guys," head coach Paul Golla said outstide Harvey auditorium on Tuesday, "it's really fun that we get to keep celebrating this so let's just keep on going!"
But 32 days is nothing compared to the 86 years it took for California's highest football honor to be brought back to Bakersfield.
"We've done something that not many people expected a team from Bakersfield to do," quarterback of the State Champion Drillers Asauni Rufus explained, "it's a proud moment when all of us can celebrate this together."
Joining the Driller football team on the stage were political figures from around the area including Mayor Hall who declared January 21st, 2014 Driller Football State Championship Day.
Also Majority Whip Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Driller football player himself once upon a time.
"They didn't introduce me as the majority whip and this wasn't in Bakersfield," representative McCarthy told the near-filled auditorium, "they introduced me as the representative of the Bakersfield High State Championship team."
"They played in honor for the whole city," McCarthy explained, "they did it with class and it's something that we should honor them and show them how proud we are."
With all the talk of legacy of these 2013 State Champion Drillers there was an announcement. An actual tangible legacy for future generations, the remodel of Griffith Field. The remodel would revamp the outside of the stadium and add an artificial turf field as well as an artificial track. The remodel will take about one million dollars and funds must be raised by November of next year.
"Especially with this new stadium we're going to have," quarterback Asauni Rufus' grandmother Lynnette Pollard said, "I hope I'll be here to see it and too bad our team will be gone, they won't get to play on it but the teams that come after them will be able to play on it and we will still be there cheering for them."
The Drillers accomplished something special on the football field last December but it was at Harvey auditorium today, together for one of the last times surrounded by friends, family and political figures that they were really celebrated like champions.
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