Christian Bayne snags athlete of the week for 21 points with flu-symptoms in playoffs v. Clovis

The Stockdale boy's team took care of business on Tuesday with a 74 to 53 playoff opening win against Clovis. Point guard Christian Bayne lead the Mustangs with 21 points.

"You know it starts for us on the defensive end," Mustangs head coach Dave Purdy explained, "but he's a tremendous scorer, probably the best scorer I've ever coached."

He did it all with body aches and a fever.

"I think once you're playing you forget about it," Bayne told 23ABC at practice on Wednesday, "you forget you're sick so I think playing actually helps."

"When that happens it's usually a special guy," coach Purdy said, "most people think of Jordan and the flu game. Christian played pretty well last night."

It might have been the fact that they were in the playoffs or the atmosphere they have grown used to at Stockdale basketball.

"That wasn't special," coach Purdy explained, "we've had an atmosphere like that every game this season."

His performance might have been due to the fact that Christian is a senior and every game with his team, could be his last.

"I want to keep practicing," Bayne explained, "I want to keep hanging out with my family, this is my family man!"

Whatever it was - Christian had a game to remember.
Still feeling the effects of his illness, Bayne is going to have to board the bus today and lead his team once again. This time against one of the toughest teams in the valley - multi-time valley champ Bullard.

"We have our hands full but we will go down and play hard," coach Purdy said, "I think my guys will do a good job."

Getting sick is unpredictable but something the team knows for sure is that the Valley title was going to go through Bullard anyway and that Christian is our athlete of the week!
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