Condors, Oilers near a deal; ECHL, Bakersfield City Council to consider sale Wednesday.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Condors and Oilers are near a deal.

The ECHL Board of Directors will consider the sale at their meeting in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

The Bakersfield City Council on Wednesday will consider the lease of Rabobank Arena to the Oilers organization.

The City Council agenda reads,

"Since the 1998 opening of the Arena, the Bakersfield Condors professional minor league hockey team has been under lease with Flying Puck, LLC., whose principal owner is Jonathan Fleisig. Flying Puck and KG [US] OILERS CORP. have executed a buy-sell agreement that would, assuming the sale is approved by the ECHL and a new lease agreement is approved by the parties, transfer ownership of the Condors franchise from Flying Puck to KG [US] OILERS CORP., which is part of the family of entities operated by the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League."

The agenda cites several advantages to having a team so closely affiliated with the NHL.

The deal would extend the Condors' lease to June of 2023.

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