Derek Carr begins training camp for his rookie NFL season with the Oakland Raiders, preseason

FRESNO, Calif. - Near 100 degrees, sunny with a 100% chance of football - that Nappa Valley forecast should make Bakersfield native Derek Carr feel right at home.

"Obviously I have a long ways to go being a rookie but it's been great," Carr said from training camp on Monday.

The optimism of NFL training camp is a long cry from draft day, the younger brother of a once first overall pick saw the first round come and go without selection.

"The first day you learn a lot about the business of it," Derek explained, "once the second day came, if I didn't already have a chip on my shoulder."
Derek was selected with the fourth pick of the second round by the Oakland Raiders, he will play his home games just two hours north of Fresno State.
"It is just time to put pads on and go play football. That's what I was most excited about."
Draft day might not have gone to plan but playing quarterback in the NFL isn't an easy job. And no one knows that better than the youngest brother of David Carr.
"David doesn't like sacks," David's wife Melody said in a local grocery store commercial from their days in Houston.

Derek watched his brother start as a rookie for a brand new team and set NFL records for sacks taken in a single season.
"I guess it all started when Derek wanted to take this path," David explained, "I took him under my wing."
Being under even the most battered NFL wing is an advantage.
"He doesn't need my help any more," David said, "I know that he says he has learned a lot from me and that's awesome, I've learned a lot from him. It is not a big brother, little brother thing anymore. I look at him as someone who has turned into a great competitor, a great person and everything else will take care of itself."
Derek may not be expected to start in his rookie year like his brother but the pressure of the NFL still exists.
"Being a quarterback in that league," Derek explained, "they expect a lot out of you but at the same time they know you're a rookie and that you will make mistakes. we have a lot of great veterans on the team and I can't say enough about them but they make you sing songs which I can't sing but it is fun."


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