Emily Enns of Shafter Generals cross country wins athlete of the week for her SSL league meet win

SHAFTER, Calif. - You might be surprised to find out that our female athlete of the week Emily Enns began her cross country career at the beginning of this season. What's even more shocking is that by the end of her rookie year, not only was she the fastest Shafter General but she had the quickest time in the entire league.

"Obviously there's some talent there," Shafter cross country head coach Jordan Lewis said, "you don't just come out and beat people like this who have been running with no talent, very talented individual definitely."

"They would ask me if I care because she is a junior and I'm a senior,"  Emily's team mate Azel Alvarez said, "I don't really care, we're a team, we're a family."

"All the individuals are trying to get better themselves," Emily told 23ABC on Wednesday, "but when they get better, the whole team get's better."

The Generals have been just about as good as they come. This weekend, Emily had the fastest time at the South Sequoia League meet at Woodbridge Park. Shafter cross country took home a league title and Emily, a female athlete of the week plaque provided by Kern Trophies.

"I don't think she's comfortable getting out the first mile fast," coach Lewis said of his junior runner's meet, "she just took the lead from the very beginning and just basically ran away with it."

"I was pretty much in front the whole time," Emily explained, "it was different."

"She doesn't let anybody get into her head," Alvarez said, "she's very happy all the time and I love it, she brings positive energy into the whole team so I love her."

For her performance at the South Sequoia League meet which brought home a title to Shafter in just her rookie year, Emily Enns of Shafter cross country is our female athlete of the week.

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