Eric Mahanke's light hearted training philosphy attracts Bakersfield's best back home, Derek Carr

The great thing about social media like Instagram is fans can follow the pictures or video of their favorite athlete's. If you follow Eric Mahanke at Terrio Physical therapy and fitness, you'll see that the serious training of some of Bakersfield's best athletes can be a whole lot of fun too.
"If we can joke around and mess around to break up the monotony," Mahanke described his training philosophy to 23ABC at Terrio on Tuesday, "it's always a good thing."
From USC's Cody Kessler to the Chargers' Ryan Mathews Bako's-best routinely find themselves right back in home.
"He's trained so many other professional athletes," ex Garces baseball player and current Phillies catcher Jake Sweaney said, "it makes it fun, mess around but still get your work in."
If you've been watching Eric's videos lately, you'll know that Derek Carr is training for the NFL combine. The combine is on February 22nd and is a showcase for prospects who want to make it big in pro-football.
"I just continue to have fun and work hard doing it," Derek explained.
There's a good reason the youngest Carr is putting his future in the hands of such a free-spirit - he's been here before.
"It just happened to be that my very first client was the first overall pick," Mahanke said of his training days with former Houston Texan David Carr, "I said, where do you go from here though? That's the problem."
"A lot of what he's going to be going through is sitting down in a meeting room," David explained what his brother will be going through next week in Indianapolis, "they're going to ask him to recite things, he's going to spit it back at them."
Despite the jokes and gags for the world to see on Instagram - Eric Mahanke knows training Bakersfield's best is serious business.
"They know and understand that they can equal if not better training right here in Bakersfield," Mahanke said, "tthey feel at home, they feel comfortable. That's a big part of training."
So thanks to some home-style training, Derek Carr will be ready to impress the NFL next Saturday. He'll be physically fit but mentally loose.
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