Gigi Wilkins of BCHS Eagles volleyball wins athlete of the week for her performance in State playoff

This Tuesday the BCHS Sports Center was rocking and the student section broke out the Rally Wrap. Our athlete of the week Gigi Wilkins was one of two freshman to lead the Eagles to a first-round, State playoff win.
“I'm really blessed,” Wilkins told 23ABC after the win, “the fact that I am just a freshman and I won Valley and that I am playing, it's just incredible.”
“I think it kind of works to her benefit because she doesn't feel the pressure that the other girls do,” coach Mystie Goodban explained, “she just goes out there and plays and plays hard. She's been really awesome for us this year.”
The emotional letdown of winning a section title got to Bakersfield Christian in the early going but things eventually settled down.
“My coaching staff and I were a little worried about it tonight,” Goodban said, “after coming from such an emotional win on Thursday. Hopefully after getting this win tonight, on Saturday we'll be able to play with some of that fight, some of that intensity.”
“We love our boys, they're so great,” Wilkins explained, “and the Rally Wrap? That is seriously the funniest thing to me, so funny.”
“Our goal is to play our best every single night,” Goodban said, “that's what I told my girls tonight. It doesn't matter who we're playing, it doesn't matter what the setting. We want to play our best and do our best.”
“I think all of us are beginning to realize that we can go and win State,” Wilkins explained, “we're doing good and now hopefully we can make it to State.”
For her 12 kills and 14 digs in the first round of the state playoffs, Gigi Wilkins of Bakersfield Christian volleyball earns a plaque provided by Kern Trophies and is our female athlete of the week.
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