J.F. Houle introduced as Condors head coach, says he is in Bakersfield for multiple years

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - J.F. Houle arrived in Bakersfield from Quebec, Canada a short time ago and is already experiencing what it is like to be a professional hockey coach. Houle was introduced to the fans and media at Rabobank's tap room.

"I don't have any plans to leave," Houle told the media after a news conference, "it will be a great experience."

The question of whether or not Houle would use the Condors as a stepping stone similar to his precessosor Troy Mann is a valid one. Houle denied the scenario's likelihood saying, "if it takes five years, it takes five years."

The attributes Houle possesses according to the Edmonton Oilers player personnel director and the new coach himself are leadership and hard work. Houle will have to lean on that hard work when recruiting new players due to a lack of experience - he has only coached at the University and youth levels.

Still, the new coach has the backing of an NHL team and a growing list of returning players to back his debut season.

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