NFL Wrap: Week 4 of the National Football League is over and we catch you up on pro-football

23ABC catches you up on the NFL one quarter of the way through the season.


There have been three surprises in the NFC. Super Bowl runner up San Francisco has been marred with injuries. They win this week to come off a two game stretch where they only scored 10 points! Who knew we'd be 4 weeks into the NFL season and the team with 2 Super Bowls since '07, the New York Giants would still be looking for their first win? Our last surprise from the NFC is the Washington Redskins. RGII said he was all in for week one but the only game his team has been all in is week 4, they just notched their first win.

No surprise in the NFC is the Seahawks. One thing everyone saw coming was the energetic tandem of QB Russell Wilson and HC Pete Carroll. They are 4-0 with a nail-biting overtime win in Houston on Sunday.

Contenders out of the NFC are the Detroit Lions. They rallied from behind to beat a Chicago Bears team that is looking as good as ever. The Lions are 3-1 and atop the NFC North.

Our pretender in the NFC is Dallas. Look, it happens every year. Just when America's Team has us all thinking things are turned around, they lay a dud, like the one today in San Diego.

Onto the AFC.

Most people outside of Baltimore thought the Super Bowl winning Ravens would be downgraded but a loss to the Bills? Really? Speaking of losses, the Steelers are 0-4, they lost Sunday in jolly old England. Another surprise, the good kind, the Chiefs. Who knew two of the league's trash would be a Kansas City treasure? The Chiefs rout the Giants and they're 4-0!

No surprise in the AFC is the Broncos. Peyton's got almost as many pizza commercials as touchdowns this season and he's already got 12 this year after their win against Philly.

Contenders in the AFC are the Indianapolis Colts. No sophomore slump for this Stanford alumnus Andrew Luck and co. have two routs in a row thanks in large part to the trade of the season, Trent Richardson.

Pretenders in the AFC are the Tennessee Titans. They may have a 3-1 record but the meat of their schedule is still on the horizon.

We’re already a quarter of the way through and whether you're a beleaguered fantasy owner or the expert at the water-cooler, we've already got quite the season on our hands 4 weeks into the NFL.

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