Professional Football Showcase hopes to feed to NFL, CFL, selects Bakersfield for franchise

Professional football has tried to exist in Bakersfield but failed over and over. The Professional Football Showcase is looking to buck that trend - they claim to be an entirely different type of football league:
"Our mission," PFS commissioner Lance Heron said, "is to help young men achieve their dreams, we're doing this by providing them amazing play and training to make it to the next level of football."
Eric Mahanke was a major part of Bakersfield's last football venture, the AF2 Bakersfield Blitz,
"I don't think it will be viable in the long run," Mahanke explained, "somone will lose too much money, but if they are able to do it I would love to know how."
Troy Vincent, the director of football operations for the NFL said last month,
"We need to keep the pipeline of talent flowing, and that means for all areas of our game: players, coaches, scouts, game officials. I am responsible to look at whatever the competition committee looks at, and that includes a developmental league."
The professional Football Showcase thinks they can one day be that league and they're starting on the West Coast with a 10 team California Conference.
Bakersfield was chosen as a one of 10 sites for the California Conference and a playing site has been secured as well. They will play at B.C.'s Memorial Coliseum. Over half the players will be local and the season will be played in the spring. All with the goal to put players into the CFL, Arena League and NFL.
If PFS can be that developmental league Vincent spoke of then Bakersfield will count itself lucky to have a franchise. But there are still some people who have heard it before and think we'll just have to wait until their proposed opening day in Spring of 2015.


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