Red Bull Soapbox Race has Bakersfield team for the first time

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Any adult who remembers watching "Little Rascals" at any age was probably fascinated by the idea of the soapbox race. Well, Red Bull Energy Drink has capitalized on that fascination.

Founded in 2000, they've built  the Red Bull soap box race into a worldwide phenomenon.

The latest race will be in downtown Seattle on August the 24th featuring 35 race teams and the first  ever from Bakersfield, "Sriracha's Before Muchacha's."

"We were trying to come up with a unique idea that has not been done before," team manager and driver Eric Santos told 23ABC in between welding sessions, "let's build a Sriracha bottle and race it down this steep hill in Seattle."

A rooster-logo'd hot-sauce bottle big enough to hold a grown man or a grown chicken – the team will be wearing chicken mascot suits. They will be judged on three criteria: speed, creativity & showmanship.

"Hopefully crash into stuff," team member Jason Love said, "we'll make people happy."

We thought Sriracha's Before Muchacha's was for real, they have red Sriracha shirts on, giant chicken suita as well but when they brought out a real rooster, things got real crazy.

"He is our official mascot," team engineer Chris Ennis explained while holding the rooster, "he's named Sir-Racha."

The party of four frat brothers, co-workers and one mascot depends on the engineering experience of Chris Ennis.

"You could kind of say I'm the brains behind the project," Ennis explained.

The heart of Nolan Graf who has been entering the Red Bull events every year since 2008.

"I would get a letter," Graf said, "it would usually be a denial with a small case of Red Bull."

But thanks to the determination of driver Eric Santos, Red bull finally accepted their application this year.

"I was extremely egg-cited," Graf quipped.

Last but not least, there's Jason Love.

"Jason Love?" Santos querried, "I have no idea what he does."

And that's just fine, because they don't need to know exactly what they're doing. Bakersfield's Sriracha's Before Muchacha's will be a real contender in Seattle on the 24th with a quick car, creative spirit & a whole lot of crazy.

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