Rosedale Little League All-Stars feel they were unjustly disqualified from participation

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Rosedale All-Stars were disqualified by Little League baseball and the issue has a lot of parents and players angry all over the Central Valley.

In 2012 the under-10 year old Northwest Bakersfield All Star team won the Cal Ripken World Series. Most of that team is is now 12 years old and play in the newly formed Rosedale Little League.

"Bakersfield hasn't had Little League in over 20 years so we started the League out here at Fruitvale Norris," Rosedale League president Don Snow told 23ABC on Friday.

The two team league formed an All-Star team that went on to win 2 post season tournaments but found themselves disqualified after multiple team protests. One such protest came from the Porterville Little League All-Stars.

"You are trying to take a very good baseball travel team and put them under the biggest spotlight at that age group," the president of Porterville Little League Thad Reece said.

The biggest spotlight would be the Little League World Series on ESPN.

Wanting your kids on National TV is not a rule violation but making a travel ball team into Little League All-Stars is.

Without commenting on how the Rosedale All-Stars were disqualified, the Little League HQ in Williamsport, Penn provided 23ABC the rule applied to Rosedale's disqualification.

(d)  Teams are not permitted to enter the Little League program intact, or nearly intact, from non-Little League programs. 

"Eleven of the twelve 12 year old's played together on a travel team," Snow explained.

And that fact alone does not warrant disqualification, rule d section 5 continues,

Under no circumstances will any team or group of players, which did not play on the same team for the previous regular season in the same division of a chartered local Little League, be placed together onto a regular season team in that local Little League. Such players must be processed through the Little League Draft Selection System as noted in this regulation.

The Rosedale Little League draft formed two teams out of a draft, one all 11 year olds and the other all the 12 year olds in the league.

"The coaches just picked them," Snow said of the Rosedale draft.

Whether Rosedale's League draft was legitimate is just one of many concerns raised by teams in the Central Valley that led to disqualification. The other rule Little League HQ provided 23ABC states:

(c) Little League (Majors) Division: Local league must establish the age structure for the Little League (Majors) Division. At no time shall a team have on its roster more than eight players whose league age is 12. Balance of the team roster shall be comprised of players whose league age is 9, 10 or 11. For Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior/Big League, it is recommended that the local Little League (or district, if the Big League is administered as a district operation) set a maximum and/or minimum number of participants of a particular league age. (Example: If the league has all 15 and 16 year olds in its Senior League Division, it may have a local rule that states that each team must carry between four and eight players of league age 16.

"If I have fourty 12 year olds and four 11 year olds how am I supposed to get eight 12's on a team?" Snow said of the rule, "the rule doesn't make sense and they should have told us. What if they said you should have known the rule? I say we are a new league, there's stuff we're going to miss, the book is 400 pages."

"They feel like their team's heart was crushed," Porterville president Reece said, "so was our team's."


"This is about the kids," Snow said, "they were out in 108 degree heat 3 times a week practicing and there's no reason they should have been denied this."

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