Sam Lynn shuffle strikes again but Jose Canseco event lights up, baseball fans have a blast

Jose Canseco built his reputation defying Newton's law of gravity, "what goes up must come down." On the eve of the power-hitter arriving at Sam Lynn Ballpark, the Blaze are operating under Murphy's Law, "anything that can go wrong will."
"On Sunday night the power went out," Blaze assistant General Manager Philip Guiry explainedm "apparently a transformer blew."
With no power, last night's game had to be canceled. But Jose Canseco night is a different story.
"What we do is called the Sam Lynn shuffle," Guiry added, "we take one step in the right direction and they pull you back the other way."
So the only rule of law in play for the blaze is the Sam Lynn shuffle.​ Plan B was to run the ballpark on temporary generators brought in by Kern Fire and installed but AC Electric.
"The big one here will power the ballpark," Guiry pointed at the giant generators in the Sam Lynn parking lot, "and the little one here will power the lights."
The event went off without a hitch. Fans had a blast and so did Canseco. The sun provided light early on but the power was necessary for everything else during the pregame home-run derby. The only thing the power packs could not generate were home runs for Jose, he only hit one out of the ballpark - Sam Lynn strikes again.
"The fans have been great," Jose said, "I have some great memories in the minor league ballparks."
And thanks to the last minute efforts of the Blaze doing the Sam Lynn Shuffle, fans from all over had some memories made here too.


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