Tehachapi teen is multi-talented, driven by passion

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - Ballet takes grace, dedication, talent. Madison West has all of those and more. Her reason for donning a tutu 6 years ago is the same for just about every 11 year old girl.

"Since I was a little girl I've always wanted to be a pretty ballerina," Madison said.

Humble beginnings but since then, her passion has taken a different purpose.

"It's a love hate relationship because the work is so difficult, so grueling," Tehachapi Dance Theatre director Kathy Murray explained.

"It's a freedom that nobody can buy," Madison added.

But for Madison the freedom she finds in her ballet slippers, is the freedom she also finds in dirt-biking boots.

"You go numb," Madison said from the seat of her motorized bike, "all thoughts, any problems you have at school, they just disappear."

Madison has been racing dirt-bikes in the Tehachapi mountains for two years, her dad Chris, her unofficial coach and cheerleader.

"It's highly emotional," dad said.

The proud parent of a talented teen.

"Everything she does is passionate," Chris explained, "school, ballet, motorcycle riding. She wants to be top."

"He owns a small business," Madison explained, "he makes a lot of sacrifices to get me out there racing.​"

Dad's sacrifice plus Madison's passion, means many hours on a bike almost as old as she is.

"Time for a new bike," Chris explained, "it eventually gets worn out."

And that means something not every 17 year old racer has, sponsors.

"I have a fund raiser going," Madison said, "some people who support me, maybe a bike shop that will sponsor me but it's nothing solid yet."

Although there may not be enough money yet for a new bike yet ?adison's passion is sure to take it all the way.

"I have always thought ballerinas were so cool but dirt-biking is in my blood," Madison added, "I want to be the best female racer I can "

If you would like to help Madison in her goal, please visit http://www.GoFundMe.com/c05h04

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