NFL, Denver Broncos ban fan purses, coolers, diaper bags, camera bags, backpacks, more

Items must be smaller than 12" x 6" x 12"

DENVER - Fans at the Denver Broncos games this season will not be allowed to bring in standard-size purses, diaper bags, backpacks, camera bags or coolers.

New rules from the NFL ban all bags larger than 12-inches by 6-inches by 12-inches.

Women will be allowed to carry a small clutch purse as long as it's no larger than a person's hand, according to the Denver Broncos. Fans may also bring items in a one-gallon size, clear plastic bag, but anything else must be made of a clear material, such as plastic, and must not be larger than 12-inches by 6-inches by 12-inches, the Broncos said.

The new rules were developed by the NFL Committee on Stadium Safety.

"We want our fans to have fun on gameday, and most importantly, we want them to be safe," Broncos President Joe Ellis said. "Our organization fully supports this new NFL policy, and we will work with our fans to implement this essential safety enhancement for Broncos games."

Some female fans say their privacy will be violated by the clear bags.

"I don't want everyone to see what's in my purse," Cheyenne McMurray told ABC News. "They're still going to have to search the plastic bag. It's just going to make everyone more upset."

The NFL is the first professional sports league to adopt such stringent requirements, but officials think other leagues will follow.

"I suspect that the other sports will also look very closely at this," Jeffrey Miller, NFL vice president and chief security officer, told ABC News, "And I wouldn't be surprised to see them implement similar measures."

Seat cushions must also be less than 12-inches by 6-inches by 12-inches, or they will not be allowed in the stadium.

"Public safety is our top priority. Our fans deserve to be in a safe and secure environment," Miller said. "This will make the job of checking items much more efficient and effective. We will be able to deliver a better and quicker experience at the gates and also provide a safer environment. We appreciate our fans" cooperation."

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