Isaiah Matthews drops 20 in West win, Vikings will attempt to win first basketball Valley title

The old saying, ‘act like you've been there before’ may not apply to West High boy's basketball but they've got 50 years of reason to be excited.
“I'm more happy for the kids than anything,” Vikings head coach Tye Hammond told 23ABC on the court after their victory on Wednesday, “I don't know if West High has ever been to a Valley but I know we haven't won one, we're talking about a school that's been open for 50 years.”
The 1-seeded West beat Selma Wednesday night to punch their ticket to Valley. Junior Isaiah Matthews had 20 points and 12 rebounds in an 87-63 performance.
“We had a mission from the start to go to Valley and we were always hyped for this game,” Matthew screamed over the still roaring crowd post game, “we knew we had to win, we had to get the 'W.'”
“I told him Isaiah, not only are you going to have to guard their best player and be able to shut him down,” Hammond said, “but you're going to have to come through with 20-25 points and grab 10-12 rebounds, I am very proud of him. This was his best game all year.”
Matthews was backed up by Jaylin Simpkins, Austyn Contreras and others but the MVP of the game might have been the Viking student body.
“To get the number one seed and to have the show of support from our student body,” Hammond said, “my administration putting it out there to get people to support us, it was so big for us.”
West will play the 2-seed Porterville on Saturday for the D3 Valley title game and 23ABC will have highlights from Fresno. If they come back to Bakersfield champions, 50 years of Viking history will be made.
“Maybe it's the 50th anniversary that's calling for this because I feel like we have a really good chance,” Hammond said.
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