WATCH: Hip Hop legend Ice Cube disses former Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard

Ice Cube called Howard 'Dwight Coward'

LOS ANGELES - Hip-Hop artists and Actor Ice Cube took shots at former Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard last night in Los Angeles during the Kings of the Mic Tour.

On July 5, Dwight Howard had announced on Twitter that he was signing with the Houston Rockets after being with the Lakers for only one year.

During Ice Cube's rant, he said, "[Explicit] Dwight Howard, [explicit] it,” Cube said.“We love LA! We don’t need no [explicit] on our team. We don’t give a [explicit] about a Dwight Coward. We don’t need no [explicit] on our team, homie. You don’t deserve to go up on that [explicit] wall. So, I predict tonight Kobe [Bryant] will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one.”


According to reports, Ice Cube has previously spoken about Howard and his decisions regarding the game. 

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