What NFL team does Kern County root for?

Majority of Central Calif. roots for 49ers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - With just days left before the Super Bowl, many have already declared their pick for the weekend.

A research conducted by Facebook Data Science took it upon themselves to show America where people stand according to their Facebook posts.

And--no surprise--a majority of California's counties root for the San Francisco 49ers during the regular season.

However, some areas are noted as cheering for the Oakland Raiders and two very small portions root for the Dallas Cowboys or San Diego Chargers.

Likewise, the same research was conducted over the time frame of the NFL playoffs and things constantly changed.

In week one, areas of the United States seem equally divided by region geographically.

Then, in week two of the playoffs, fans took to cheering for either the Green Bay Packers or the Denver Broncos.

The following week, a huge majority of the United States were pulling for the New England Patriots to continue in the playoffs.

And at the end of it all, with only two teams left, America has spoken and 49ers fans dominate the United States--with the exception of the east coast that has their opponents, the Baltimore Ravens, in their back pockets.

Regardless, California remains loyal to their team from the north by cheering on their boys in red.

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