Asiana Airlines Flight 214: New fire breaks out during debris removal at San Francisco airport

SAN FRANCISCO - There was a new fire Friday at the site of the Asiana Airlines crash at the San Francisco airport.

Friday morning, before sunrise, crews were removing the debris when suddenly a fire erupted, creating a large cloud of smoke.

There's no word yet what caused the fire. Firefighters quickly got the fire under control, according to KGO-TV.

Crews are trying to remove the wreckage, so they can repair the runway and reopen it.

Two people died and 180 of the 307 passengers were hurt when Flight 214 slammed into a seawall Saturday at the end of the runway. The impact ripped off the back of the plane and tossed three flight attendants and their seats onto the runway.

The airliner, which came in too low and too slow, spun and skidded 100 feet before stopping.

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