High winds will bring blowing dust through Friday afternoon

The winds are starting to pick up and bring blowing dust to the mountain cities.

The National Weather Service in Hanford has issued a blowing dust advisory for the West Central and San Joaquin Valley.

The advisory is in effect from 7 p.m. Thursday to 4 p.m. Friday, but we are already starting to see high winds and blowing dust.

The cities included in the wind advisory are Bakersfield, Edison, Lamont, Twisselman, Avenal and Coalinga.

Winds can significantly reduce visibility due to blowing dust, so use caution when driving.

Here are some ways to protect yourself during a blowing dust advisory:

-Stay indoors as much as possible.

-If you do go outside, wear a mask that is designed to block out small particles.

-Avoid driving during really windy times.

-If you do need to drive, stay alert and watch for sudden changes in visibility.

-While driving, turn on headlights as a safety precaution.


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