Elaina Rusk goes storm chasing in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Day 1 Chase:

After an exhausting day of traveling for 11 hours from Bakersfield to Kansas City, we all met up and cooled our jets at the hotel. The line of storms was marching toward us, so our best bet was to wait and watch the situation. About 5 p.m. we all jumped in the van and headed west, through the northeast corner of Kansas and into Nebraska. We stopped for gas and Subway sandwiches and then headed through the very small town of Falls City. We found a hill on the outside of town and pulled over to see this gorgeous shelf cloud slowly crawling across the sky toward us. We watched for about 20 minutes as the inflow (the long tail of clouds straight ahead along that road) fed the storm and pushed it forward. We watched as the clouds moved overhead, and then suddenly the winds shifted dramatically from east to west. We had a few more minutes before the pouring rain, and I mean POURING, crashed into the van. We hit the road back to Kansas City where we had left our bags in our rooms, and enjoyed the rain for about 30 minutes before it was dry and boring once again.

We didn't chase Sunday because there weren't any promising storms, so we drove across Kansas and into Colorado for 8 hours to get us in the right position for Monday's chase in Wyoming and possibly stretching into South Dakota...

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