Santa Ana winds, warm temps, and dry weather arrive in Kern County

Warm easterly winds leave us dangerously dry

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Temperatures remained well above our average of 61°F on Sunday, with highs in the upper 60s across much of the valley and upper 50s in the mountains. And today was even warmer.

Highs reached the mid-70s today, about 15 degrees above average for this time of year in the valley! The Kern River Valley will be the same, with Tehachapi in the mid-60s and Frazier Park in the low 60s.

With a stubborn ridge of high pressure continuing to build, we'll get sunny and stable weather for the next three days. With that comes bad air quality and haze in the valley, with air quality climbing to the Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups range. That means no wood burning unless you have a registered device. You can see if you qualify to register here:

The big headline today was the warm gusting Santa Ana winds that kick up south of the Kern Co / LA County line. The strong, dry easterly winds brought wind gusts up to 60 mph in Kern County, especially through the Hwy 58 corridor in the Hwy 178 canyon. 

Though it's February and the El Niño season has brought us above average precipitation so far this season, we still have an elevated fire danger through Thursday with low humidity levels in the single digits, those gusty winds and warmer than average temperatures.

It looks like we'll get some relief on Thursday as the High Pressure breaks down slightly, but it's not until Saturday that we have a better chance of fresh ocean air rushing into the county from the West. By then we will have been so dry for so long that any rain chances look to quickly evaporate, but we'll watch the skies closely.

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