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3-Day Weekend: Sunny and hot

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Happy Labor day!  We'll kick of the first week of September sunny and warm.

Bakersfield topped out at 97° on Sunday, just a few degrees warmer than average for this day in history. Tehachapi reached a high of only 82° and Lake Isabella saw conditions ten degrees warmer, maxing out at 92°.

Thanks to an onshore flow, we'll see very windy conditions with gusts up to 30 mph expect through the Kern mountains and desert through the afternoon. This will result in slightly cooler temperatures before we heat up again just in time for the first weekend of September.

Labor Day will be warm and hot with an afternoon high of 96° with breezes up to 15 mph. We'll stay in the upper 90s for the remainder of the week as well.  Tehachapi will stay in the mid 80's for the week then heat up into the 90s for the weekend, while the Kern River Valley will also reach the upper 90s next weekend.

Air quality is in the "moderate" range.

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