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It will be a hot and dry start to the month of May

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The first weekend of May will be WARM!

Pack the water before heading out today as Bakersfield will get up to 91° and maybe warmer in Wasco. Even the mountains are heating up, with lower 90s in the Kern River Valley and 80s for everyone else.

We'll see more sunshine tomorrow that lasts through the end of theweekend, but it looks like temperatures will fall a few degrees. Expect a high of 88° on Sunday and low 80s in the KRV.

Looking ahead to next week, it looks like we'll finally drop down to our seasonal lower 80s in Bakersfield on Wednesday, but there's still no promising chance of rain on the horizon.

Find me online and let me know what you think about this weather!

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