Today's KernCast23 brings fresh air and some slight cooling

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - We topped off at 95 degrees in Bakersfield on Monday, finally breaking the triple digit streak! We have seen 19 days of 100s so far this season, and it looks like we can hold those triple digits away for the next week.

Temperatures will drop even more today, bringing a high of 94 to Bakersfield, 92 in Isabella, 81 in Tehachapi and an incredible high of only 70 in Pine Mountain Club.

The slight cooling is all thanks to a push of fresh ocean air ahead of a spinning storm off the California coast. The Rex Block (two ridges of high pressure controlling California) will finally start breaking down today, allowing that low to move onshore late tomorrow into Thursday.

For now the best rain chances will be up in the mountains on Thursday, but I'll leave a slight chance (20%) that the valley could see some action Wednesday night as the storm is arriving.

Even though there is a significant cool down, temperatures are still warm enough in the mountains to spawn thunderstorms on Thursday. I'll call it a 30% chance for now and we'll wait and see how things develop. As for those cooler highs? Check it out! Lake Isabella will be in the upper 80s by tomorrow and drop to 84 for a high on Thursday. Tehachapi is even more remarkable with the upper 70s tomorrow and a high of just 75 come Thursday.

We're trying to warm up heading into the weekend, but another push of fresh ocean air on Saturday looks to bring clouds and keep us from climbing too much, so I'll leave temperatures about average and watch to see if any possible rain chances develop. We see sunshine again on Sunday and then the 100s should be back next week.

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