New skidmarks found near Truxtun off-ramp on Westside Parkway

Car found was reported stolen car

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Another set of tire marks were found on the Westside Parkway this morning. But this time, a car found was at the end of the tracks.

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On August 28, a crew from 23ABC News saw that a traffic sign was 'missing' at the sharp turn near the Truxtun off-ramp. 

According to 23ABC's news crew, the tire marks were going off the edge. At the end of the tracks was a car and the missing sign.

According to a spokesperson with the Bakersfield Police Department, the vehicle was traveling eastbound on the Westside Parkway and took the Truxtun Avenue exit when it struck a city sign and went over the off-ramp, where it came to rest on the embankment.

An investigation revealed the 2009 black two-door BMW was reported stolen at about midnight, police said.

The vehicle was unoccupied when found and the keys were still in the ignition.

On August 9, the Bakersfield Public Works officials said they moved up plans to install a guard rail at the turn after a first set of tire marks were found and the community voiced their concern.

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The investigation of the stolen vehicle is ongoing. 

Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call the BPD at 667-7111.
Assistant Public Works Director Nick Fidler said the city will be installing a metal guard rail on the curve soon. Fidler said if the rail takes a direct hit a car could break through.
Fidler said flashing beacons will also be added to signs, and they are also considering rumble strips.
Fidler said similar problems happened when Highway 58 was first opened. They said several trucks ran into the shopping center before drivers got used to the situation.
The guard rail should be completed by mid-October.


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