Bakersfield 6-year-old grows pumpkins that turn white to pink for breast cancer awareness

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -  A 6-year-old Bakersfield girl has decided to grow pink pumpkins to support breast cancer awareness.

Chloe Slaton sold her pumpkins at the Bakersfield Babe in Business luncheon in southwest Bakersfield Wednesday.

The networking organization is recognizing local radio personality Niki Reyes during their Breast Cancer Awareness Month luncheon.

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Reyes was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago and has gone through many treatments and surgeries.

"I am so inspired by this little girl who so selflessly wants to help others," said Niki Reyes.

Chloe decided to sell the pink pumpkins to support Reyes with her medical expenses. Operation Pink Pumpkin donated $791 to Reyes.

"This was her idea to grow the pumpkins and donate the money. I am beyond proud of my daughter for wanting to do something like this," said Veronica Slaton.

The pumpkins grow porcelain white and turn pink a few weeks after they are harvested. The company SeedWay out of Colorado has engineered the pumpkins and requires their customers to donate a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer awareness.

You can contact Chloe's family to find out if there are any more pink pumpkins available.

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