Bakersfield City Council tables vote on Human Life Resolution

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield City Council tabled a vote on the Human Life Resolution during the city council meeting Wednesday night.

Dozens of pro-life and pro-choice supporters showed up in front of city hall Wednesday evening to speak out on the issue.

The first option the City Council had considered was to pass a the Human Life Ordinance that would have allowed an abortion patient's family member to sue the abortion provider.

The Human Life Ordinance was tabled by the Legislative and Litigation Committee after the City Attorney said that the ordinance would bring litigation upon the city.

READ | Bakersfield City Council permanently tables abortion ordinance:

A resolution was drafted as a compromise. Since resolutions don't carry the weight of law, it would not be enforced. The Council will vote to adopt the resolution tonight.

Council gave a report on two drafts of the resolution that vary by a few words.

The resolution would commend groups “that advocate for and educate the public about alternatives to abortion.”

Councilmember Johnson represented the majority opinion. He said that one clause of the ordinance, reading “Whereas, the City of Bakersfield maintains that there are many positive and feasible alternatives to abortion,” should be amended to add “Including but not limited to adoption.”

Councilmember Sullivan agreed with the majority, but wanted to amend a clause that read, “Whereas, the City of Bakersfield respects and honors all viewpoints, religions, and creeds,” to read, “Whereas, the City of Bakersfield recognizes all viewpoints, religions, and creeds.”

As amended by councilmembers Johnson and Sullivan, the Human Life Ordinance would read as follows:

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