Bakersfield Police officers recover three firearms, SUV possibly linked to pot shop shooting

Victims shot and killed inside business

BAKERSFIELD - The investigation into a double homicide in central Bakersfield continues.  More details are being released in the shooting that left two people dead inside a medical marijuana collective.

Three firearms and an SUV have been recovered that may be linked to the shootings that left two people dead.

Property manager Willie Ware is looking over the building where his tenant, Tony Conrad Sherman, 55, was shot and killed.

"It's a tragic situation, but it’s all too often happening here in Bakersfield," said Ware.

Sherman operated a medical marijuana collective, which police say was robbed at gun point.   His body was found inside the business. 

"He was a really nice guy, very friendly.  He was very outgoing; he comes in pays his rent.  He's just one of those guys that you're really glad to be a friend with,” he said.

Sherman's body was found next to Devin Daniels, 23, an unarmed security guard.  Early Thursday morning police searched two southwest Bakersfield neighborhoods where they seized three firearms, one that may have been used to kill the two men.

"Numerous items were taken from these locations including the possible suspect vehicle that was utilized to commit the crimes. We're continuing to process the evidence and other pieces of evidence to further the investigation," said Michaela Beard, public information officer with the Bakersfield Police Department.

On August 1st, the City of Bakersfield will enforce a new ordinance that bans pot shops within city limits.  This may reduce the amount crime associated with these types of businesses.

"Well, we certainly have complaints. If we don't pass something, if we just allow them to exist and not have any regulations, then we have no way of going into them if they are causing some problems in a neighborhood and not doing anything about it,” said Councilmen Terry Maxwell.

Maxwell admits there are pot shops with an interest in truly helping patients, but there are many who do just the opposite.

"Others are really attracting the wrong element and doing nothing about it and those are the ones that I anticipate will get complained about first and will be closed first," said Maxwell.

After August first, if a pot shop gets a complaint then the city steps in with a full investigation and could lead to the closure of that business.  

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