BPD: Tevis Jr. High Vice Principal broke no law with gun at school

Bakersfield police said that Tevis Junior High School vice principal Kent Williams broke no law while having a gun on campus.

Sgt. Joe Grubs said: 

After further review of the California Gun Free Zone Act and consultation with the Kern County District Attorney’s Office the Bakersfield Police Department has determined that it does not appear to be a violation of the Act for a holder of a valid concealed weapons permit to possess a firearm on a school campus. 

Williams was arrested Thursday after police said he brought a gun on campus.

Parents received a robocall from the school district informing them that Williams was arrested.

Someone on campus notified the district that Williams had the gun in a backpack in his office, according to Sgt. Joe Grubbs with the Bakersfield Police Department.

Grubbs said that when police arrived, Williams admitted to having the gun in his office.

23ABC learned that Williams has a concealed weapons permit and is authorized to carry a weapon, but is not allowed to have the weapon on campus.

Grubbs said that he was booked into the downtown jail at about 10 a.m.

Tevis Junior High School is located at 3901 Pin Oak Park Blvd. and is part of the Panama Buena Vista Union School District.

Bakersfield police officers were sent to the Kern County Jail on at about 4 p.m., to see to Williams’ release.

The case will be sent to the Kern County District Attorney’s Office for further review. Williams is still on administrative leave with the PBVUSD. 

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