City, county animal control continue to bicker to the disadvantage of residents

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The animal control arguing continues between the city and county.

The Kern County Board of Supervisors voted to draft a letter to the city stating that they will only taking in animals from county residents until the city can agree on a mutual plan.

The county made a decision to draft their own letter after receiving the city's letter stating they would only accept animals from people who proved they lived inside city limits.

Many people would be re-directed to the county shelter, nine miles away.

The county said they will have the same policy until the groups can come together for the benefit of residents and animals.

"I think realistically the city in a sense has almost drawn a line in the sand and I find that unfortunate," said Janice Anderson, Chairman of the Animal Control Commission. "I think we need to work together. Everybody needs to play nice is what it comes down to. The animals don't know, they don't care and that's the bottom line."

In the letter, the county also plans to ask the city to adopt their own "trap and release" program.


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