Investigators looking into two similar sexual assault cases in East Bakersfield

Suspect bound victims before sexual assaults

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The manhunt continues for a person possibly connected to a pair of local sexual assault cases.

Both assaults happened in East Bakersfield -- one in the 4300 blk. of Columbus Street two weeks ago, and the second Thursday morning at the Kristine Apartments on Virginia Avenue.

Hector Machorro thinks he may have seen the suspect wanted by Bakersfield Police and Kern County deputies.

“He was driving and he would just look at me like he wanted to fight me. Then he just went in and went out and that’s it,” Machorro said. “He left and then when he was coming out right here and then he was just still trying to fight me.”

Investigators say the unknown man forced his way into one of the apartments at about 4 a.m. Thursday. Once inside, all four occupants were bound and two of them sexually assaulted.

Some neighbors say they have experienced burglaries at the site, but nothing like this.

“It’s pretty crazy that could happen right here,” said neighbor Lucas Amiama. “I usually stay inside now, but when I was little and living here we use to know everyone, so we’d always play outside."

"Now we don’t know anyone so, we just stay inside mostly," said Amiama.

Kern County Sheriff’s deputies are working with Bakersfield Police detectives to see if a similar case that happened just north of the apartment complex is connected. In that incident, the suspect forced his way into a home on the 4300 blk. of Columbus Street, binding his victim and sexually assaulting her. 

The victim’s husband spoke with 23ABC at the time of the incident and believes the man lives nearby.

“He lives here. He lives on this block. He has to live on this block because there’s no way he’s going to stalk my wife at 4 o’clock in the morning and me. Then, know what time I leave and then flip around and come in here professionally and do it.”

Investigators are looking for a dark-skinned male in his late 20’s to early 30’s, about six feet tall with a medium build. During both attacks, the suspect used a ski mask.

Anyone with information on this investigation is asked to contact the B.P.D. at 327-7111 or the K.C.S.O. at 861-3110.


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