Miracle Jackson, police suspect in the pot shop double homicide, booked in Kern County jail

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Miracle Jackson, a police suspect in the pot shop double homicide, was booked in Kern County jail, according to the District Attorney's office.

Jackson will be arraigned later this week. She is accused by the police in the murder of Devin Daniels.

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Jackson was a reported runaway from a local group home, according to court documents.

Officials from the home said Jackson was placed there because "she was out of control and her mother could no longer handle her," according to court documents.

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Days after the shooting, multiple people came to the home looking for Jackson, warning her she was "in big trouble," according to documents.

Documents also show Jackson and Aaron Burris, the second suspect in the shooting, walked into the pot shop together. Jackson ran to the car during the robbery to grab "rags and pillow cases" Video shows that Jackson tried to wipe down the front counter and door handles in an attempt to remove finger prints. 

After investigation, on August 8, officers with the Las Vegas Police Department arrested Miracle Jackson on the arrest warrant out of Bakersfield, for two counts of murder, armed robbery and participation in a criminal street gang.

Jackson was extradited to Bakersfield. She will be tried as an adult.

Read about the other police suspect, Aaron Burris, here: http://bit.ly/1bTBzcE

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