California votes on driver's licenses that would replace passport

Scanners would be able to pick up identification

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee is expected to vote on a bill that would give residents the option of getting a "driver's license on steroids."
The enhanced IDs act as an international E-Z Passcomplete. They are described as having a microchip holding a unique ID number that can be read via radio up to 50 meters away and can be used to drive across borders between Canada and Mexico.
Drivers who have them don't have to bring their passports and can move through border checkpoints more quickly.
Privacy advocates say that there's a dangerous catch: anyone with a simple Radio Frequency Identification scanner can read the unique number broadcasted by these new IDs, determine if the card's owner is nearby, or even replicate the number to steal the owner's identity.
Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Washington already offer these IDs. 
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