Did an Indian infant boy spontaneously combust?

An infant boy in India is at the center of a medical mystery. The New York Times reports doctors are trying to determine if he spontaneously combusted.

The newspaper reports the child was born to Rajeshwari Karnan, 23, in May, in a village called Nedimozhinur. It was her second child.

Karnan was staying at her mother's home, as is customary following a new birth, when she suddenly heard her baby wail.

“There was a flame on his belly and his right knee, and my husband rushed with a towel to put it off,” Karnan told the New York Times. “I got very scared.”

The child's parents told the Times it happened three more times before they rushed him to a hospital. It occurred a fourth time in late July and eventually villagers forced the family to move out, fearing the child would burn the village down.

Eventually, doctors at Kilpauk hospital began to wonder if the child was spontaneously combusting.

"The parents have held that the child burned instantaneously without any provocation. We are carrying out numerous tests. We are not saying it is SHC until all investigations are complete," Dr. Narayan Babu, head of pediatrics at Kilpauk Medical Hospital, told the newspaper.

-- Read more of the New York Times' extensive report: http://ch7ne.ws/178HfhL

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