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Showers possible this morning and again tomorrow

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - We topped out at 67  Thursday in Bakersfield which is slightly above our average of 64.

Rain chances persisted overnight as the storm moved into Riverside County. We will continue to see light scattered showers this morning, mostly in the Kern County mountains.

Bakersfield will top out at a cooler high of 63, while the Kern River Valley will be in the upper 50s and Tehachapi and Frazier Park in the lower 50s (too warm for any snow chances).

Clouds will puddle up against the foothills most of the day, but the valley will see some sunshine breaking through the clouds this afternoon. As this storm continues to push out of our region, gusty NW winds to 15 mph and blowing to possibly 30 to 40 mph in the mountains and deserts.

Storm #3 moves to our north on Saturday, bringing Kern County a slight chance of rain (again, mainly for the mountains) tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday will turn dry with clearing skies. Depending on how much rain we accumulate, we can

Thankfully, Thanksgiving now looks dry! But there is still a storm on the horizon, possibly hitting on Saturday and Sunday after the holiday.


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