Today's KernCast23 brings a break from the 100s

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield topped off at 100 degrees Sunday, once again reaching highs well over average across Kern County. That was the sixth day in a row of triple digit heat, also known as the 19th 100 degree day so far this year.

A break in the heat should be more noticeable today, as Bakersfield drops to a high of 96, right on track for average. Lake Isabella is looking to reach 94 while Tehachapi tops out at 83. A slight push of fresh ocean air from the west will bring up to 25 mph winds to the mountains, and it will help improve valley air quality back to the moderate range.

We'll all notice a significant change come Thursday, as our ridge of high pressure overhead finally breaks down and a low pressure system currently sitting off shore is allowed to move right over Kern County. That looks to take our temperatures far down below average for the first time in weeks. Come Thursday, Bakersfield is expecting a high of only 92, such a welcome sight! Lake Isabella will drop to 87 on Thursday and Tehachapi will excitingly only be at 77 that day.

While those temperatures seem like a significant drop, it's still warm enough to spawn thunderstorms. Right now I think the valley will get skipped by any rain chances, but I'll leave a 30% chance of thunderstorms in the mountains on Thursday and we'll wait and see how it pans out.

The cooling is short lived, as we start warming again next weekend, and the 100s look to return to Bakersfield as early as next Sunday.

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