Colin Jackson



Colin Jackson has been forecasting the weather on television and radio for more than 15 years.

He most recently comes to us from up the road in Fresno where he spent 7 years broadcasting morning weather at the CBS and NBC stations there.

Prior to that, Colin spent 5 years in Texas forecasting and covering severe weather like hurricanes, tornadoes and flash flooding in Austin and San Antonio.

Colin got his start in broadcast meteorology in Eugene, OR covering those rainy winters and beautiful summers.

He is an AMS Certified Meteorologist, and being an avid skier, gets overly excited when the snow starts to pile up in the Sierra.

Colin is married to his wife Diana and has two children, Brad and Tannis.

He loves camping and fishing and is a huge hockey fan. His childhood favorites are the Boston Bruins and Winnipeg Jets.

You’ll see him rooting on the Bakersfield Condors when he gets a chance.

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