Mark Christian



Mark Christian joined the 23ABC news team in November 2007 as a general assignment reporter. Mark always knew he wanted a career in broadcasting ever since he was a young man. It's in his blood you could say. His father was a radio disc jockey during the early 1960's down south in Los Angeles. His dad was one of the original "Boss Jocks " for 93 KHJ. Then his father transaction into radio news in the 1970's before retiring.

Mark followed in his fathers footsteps when he got his first job as a radio announcer for the Voice of Hope in Metulla, Israel. Two years later Mark came back to the states and worked as an announcer for a small AM radio station in Los Angeles. It was at that point he decided to transition into TV news.

Mark worked for KCAL 9 News in Los Angeles as a Production Assistant. After getting some experience in the biz, he got his first real TV news job in Bakersfield working for KGET TV 17 as a photographer. He fell in love with lifestyle of the central valley and bought a house in the Northwest. Bakersfield was his new home.

Mark spent two years working at channel 17 before he went down the street to KBAK TV 29 as a photographer. Mark enjoyed living in Bakersfield telling the story with pictures, working as a photographer.

At that point Mark spent five years living here but he felt it was time to go home. Then he got his first real break working as a photographer in a major TV market at KCBS. Mark felt he reach his long term goal, working in his home town and doing what he loved. But something was missing. After just about two years working down south Mark began to miss Bakersfield.

Mark is happy to have connections to the North of the River community. KERO 23ABC is the perfect fit for Mark. He gets to live in Bakersfield and tell the story with pictures. But now he has the added benefits of telling the story with words.

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