Rod Stewart had to help gunman steal his own sportscar

ROD STEWART had to help a carjacker steal his own Porsche at gunpoint after the thug failed to start the vehicle.

The rocker was visiting a storage building he owned on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles with his young daughter Kimberly when he was approached by a man who demanded the keys to his sportscar.

He tells news show Access Hollywood, "He said, 'Put your hands up...' and I gave him the keys."

Stewart was happy to see the gunman leave and quickly made sure his daughter was OK - but he soon returned.

The singer recalls, "He came back in (and said), 'I can't start the car,' so at gunpoint, I had to walk out on a side street... with a gun in my back and get in the car and start it for him. It started on a button."

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