Bakersfield teen spurs fundraising drive for diabetes research

Top cheerleadesr offer free clinics for funds


All-Star Cheer Champion Kiara Nowlin and teammates are planning to launch “Kiara’s Cause” to raise money for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research by offering free tumbling clinics to cheer gyms.

The top fundraising gyms and individual fundraisers will be eligible for cheer clinics and individual prizes in this innovative competition to increase awareness of T1D and raise funds for research.

Kiara, who lives in Oxnard, launched the fundraising drive for her friend, Jenee Cruise, a Bakersfield teen who is living with T1D and is a national cheerleading champion as well.

The two have teamed up with another national cheerleading champion, Bianca Treger, to launch “Kiara’s Cause” to bring awareness to T1D because Jenee wanted to show others living with T1D that they too can achieve their dreams.

Kiara said she has been inspired by Jenee’s tenacity and unwillingness to let anything get in the way of what she wanted to be—a champion.

“The fact that Jenee competes and succeeds in such a physically difficult sport while dealing with the daily challenges of type 1 diabetes, a condition that demands constant vigilance, amazes me,” said Kiara. “She never complains. She just does it.”

Kiara is one of the top cheer competitors internationally, garnering numerous awards, including two world titles in All-Star Cheerleading, three World Age Game championships in power tumbling and a World Age Game championship in Double Mini Trampoline.  Throughout the cheer circuit, she is recognized for her incredible talent and sportsmanship both on and off the floor.  

To enter the competition, cheer gyms need to register online at The fundraising deadline is Feb. 28, 2013.

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