The real reason the bride is glowing

Tips can be easily added to routine

Koren, Pure Matters - I recently read an article about brides going to extreme measures to lose weight for their weddings. While your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life, there are some much more rational and safe ways to make sure you look your best on your wedding day.

At Pure Matters, we often get questions from brides looking for advice on looking and feeling their best on their wedding day and we’re always happy to help. Since we believe that supplements are just that -- supplements to a healthy lifestyle -- here are some of the tips we give along with some great products that can be easily added to your routine.

Build Immunity: You may say "in sickness and in health," but the last thing you want to be is sick on your big day. According to the CDC, handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of many types of infection and illness. And no, hand sanitizers are not quite as good. In addition to keeping those germs off your hands, boost immunity internally with a natural product like Immunity Gold or Complete Biotic. And for allergy sufferers, we even have a special Allergy Formula that will help make sure your eyes are not watering before you even get a chance to choke up delivering your vows.

Manage Stress: Let’s be honest, getting married is stressful -- the band may be late and you’re about to officially have a mother-in-law. Get in the habit now of actively managing stress. Try yoga or other breathing practices, which have been shown to reduce stress and even bring down blood pressure. Taking supplements, like those that containing L-theanine a natural relaxant or Enliven with 5-HTP a serotonin derivative, may help manage your mood and anxiety.

Fit in the Dress: Since on average brides will have 2-3 dress fittings to ensure the perfect fit (source: Kleinfeld), keeping weight in check is a big priority. Several supplements like Chromium Polynicotinate and Hoodia Gordonii are all-natural, support healthy blood sugar levels and can help manage appetite. Don’t worry about pronouncing them -- we simply call them Weight Management. Supplements alone won’t work miracles, so be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet and get in at least 30 minutes of movement each day… even a quick walk with your dog counts!

Have His Back: We trust you know (or you’ll soon learn fast) matrimony is not all about you. Don’t forget your main man. He can start feeling a little ignored with all the attention paid to wedding plans. Give him a surprise homemade dinner or massage, just because. Or better yet, give him the gift that keeps on giving -- a men’s multi-vitamin. It is a great way to show him you care and that you’ll be taking care of him for years to come.

Photograph Well: Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, but no amount of make-up, nail polish or hairspray can cover up dry, brittle hair, skin and nails. Start with a strong foundation, from the inside out. If you’re looking for long, beautiful nails, check out Biotin, formulated to promote healthy nails and lustrous hair. For glowing skin, consider taking BioCell Collagen II for several weeks or months before your wedding day.  This super skin supplement helps skin retain moisture and elasticity. Bonus points if you start 4-6 weeks before your engagement photos!

Get Sleep: When life gets crazy, sleep is usually the first thing to go. Adequate sleep is essential for looking and feeling good, as well as thinking clearly. With all that you have on your plate, you need to be at your best. If you’re having trouble getting those zzzzs, consider Rest Easy. It is an all-natural blend of enteric-coated melatonin, GABA, valerian root and more. Plus, sleep-deprived women tend to weigh more -- what better incentive to get that extra shuteye.

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