Christmas tree lots see an increase in people buying trees early this year

Posted at 4:32 PM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 19:32:13-05

BAKERSFIELD, Cali — Bakersfield is getting into the holiday spirit as Christmas tree lots have seen an increase in people buying trees early this year.

While many don't know for sure why people are coming out so early this year, some believe it may have something to do with the pandemic.

“It seems like everyone is ready for joy and Christmas time, so we have seen a lot more people coming in,” Michael Olson, owner of Frosty’s Forest said.

Olson said that Frosty’s Forest Christmas tree lot is much busier than normal.

“Probably a lot more people are staying home this year because of everything that is going on, so that could be why everyone is coming out as well,” Olson said.

That is precisely why Aniha Harris and her family went out to buy a tree. Usually, they don’t buy one until much later in the month of December.

“We are all in the Christmas spirit and there is nothing really to do because of COVID, so why not buy a tree,” Anija Harris, an Alpine Christmas Tree customer, said.

While customers are buying trees earlier this year, tree lots want to make sure that people take care of them so that the trees last until Christmas day.

“Always keep it watered, you never want to let that bowl run dry,” Cristina Gutierrez, cashier at Alpines Christmas Trees, said.

Olson recommends getting your tree in water within 30 minutes of taking it out of the tree lot and the placement of inside your house is important.

“If it’s in a south facing window where the sun is hammering it all day, maybe close the blinds, another one people don’t realize is heater vents, if you have a heater right above your tree, maybe shut that off,” Olson said.

For those who are still planning on heading out to grab a tree this Christmas season, one way to make sure you got a good tree is to check the pine needles.

“You take these branches, give a tug on them, make sure nothing is falling off on your ends and you can actually fold them and see that they are real soft," Olson said.

Both Alpine Christmas Trees and Frosty’s Forest have many different tree sizes available for customers so that they too can enjoy some Christmas spirit this year.

“This year, 2020 has not been a real great year for us, and people want to see more cheer and more joy, so i think that everyone is just here to enjoy a tree and just take it home with their family and spread the love,” Gutierrez said.