Tejon residents react to Hard Rock Hotel development plan

Posted at 7:55 PM, Jun 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 22:55:43-04

TEJON, Calif. — Not everyone in Tejon is thrilled about the $600 million project coming to their community.

The Tejon Indian Tribe and Hard Rock International plan to build a 400 room hotel and casino on more than 300 acres of Tejon tribe land, which would also include an RV park.

Bonifacio Gurrola, a resident who lives only a few hundred yards from the proposed cite, said “It’s a bad area for the casino and a bad area for us.”

Gurrola said he earned his serenity in a quiet community after working endlessly as a farmer for over 40 years.

But peace and quiet is the opposite of what he anticipates with a casino and hotel around the corner.

“It’s not really good because a lot of people (may) come through and pass (by) drinking.”

Meanwhile, several local businesses near the cite, including the Tejon Outlets, said they were also looking forward to the growth and the prospect of more business.

Tejon Ranch Senior Vice President Barry Zoeller told 23ABC Tuesday, “Tejon Ranch is fully supportive of the Tejon Indian Tribe. We are pleased to hear of their partnership with the Hard Rock Casino.” We believe a Casino resort would be a great compliment to all retail offerings at the Tejon Ranch Commerce Center and especially at the outlets at Tejon.”

Moises Martinez, a resident across from the planned site says he understands the his neighbors concerns, but also sees the project’s possible benefits.

“I know some people are upset because they like being alone out here, which is nice, which I can understand… but it would be nice for the community to grow around here.”

Martinez said he hopes the hotel and casino would increase the worth of his family’s home.

Scott Nielson, a spokesperson for the joint venture says residents would soon reap the benefits of living near the casino and hotel.

One perk would be heightened security and safety around the community, he said.