Tips to stretch your budget when grocery shopping

Posted at 11:39 AM, Aug 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-14 14:51:10-04

(KERO) — Food prices are still rising according to the latest consumer price index report in July. The report shows that while overall inflation dropped slightly, prices for 'food at home' rose to 13%.

That's making it harder for consumers to stretch their dollars at the grocery store, but experts say you can still find deals and save money if you follow some simple tips.

If groceries are eating up too much of your budget, author and frugal living expert Annette Economides says plan before you leave the house and bring a list with you.

"So, if you can plan your menu around sale items, you are going to save immediately. There is a game to that, but just know that every time you go to the grocery store something will be on sale and when that thing is on sale, if it's possible to freeze it or cook it and freeze it." said Economides

She also suggests joining a rewards or loyalty program at your favorite grocery store.

Additionally, you can also follow your favorite brands on social media to find out when there's a new deal.

Or join their mailing list, as many companies send offers directly to their email subscribers.