Neil Armstrong memorabilia values soar

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Whenever a famous person passes away, the value of their autograph goes up in value.

But the passing of Neil Armstrong is having an even bigger impact on the autograph market. And the value of his memoriablia is shooting the moon.

Vincent Stroud has something any fan of space flight would love to have: An original Neil Armstrong autograph, made out personally to his mother.

"It says Happy Mother's Day, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11," Stroud said.
Stroud's dad worked with the first man to walk on the moon in the 1970's, and asked him to sign the note. It was unusual, because Armstrong rarely signed anything, making his name very valuable.

Worth More Than Most Other Names

Memorabilia expert Steve Wolter says Armstrong's name is worth more than almost anyone's in the past 30 years.

"He was the most valuable living signature in the United States. An 8x10 Neil Armstrong moonshot photo would sell for $5,000. The next highest was Paul McCartney, at $1,500," Wolter explained.

Wolter is asking $2,400 for an Armstrong autograph: Its worth a bit less because it says "To Tom."

On eBay, some sellers are asking $14,000 or more.

May Remain Valuable

Wolter cautions that autographs typically peak when a celebrity dies, then drop, but thinks Armstrong may be different.

"Hundreds of years from now, people are going to look back at him in the same light as Christopher Columbus," Wolter said.

If you'd like to buy some Armstrong memorabilia, it may pay to wait a few months.    

And if you have something from him, consider yourself very lucky, because very few other people have anything from this very special man.

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