3 Arrested In Connection With Stolen Vehicle Near Bakersfield College

Police Say Two Suspects Are Teens

There have been four cars stolen from the Bakersfield College campus since the first of the year. But a partnership between the school and the police is getting results.

Bakersfield College officials said an attempted car theft was stopped by a campus officer Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday afternoon another car theft from campus ended in two arrests.

BC officials said it’s the result of partnership between cops and the college.

Students at Bakersfield College are aware there has been a series of car thefts at the school in the last few weeks.

"I never thought that would happen here," said Bakersfield College student Rachel Marron.

Bakersfield College leaders said the number of stolen cars really picked up after the start of this semester.

"We have had four official car thefts at Bakersfield College since the start of the semester in January," said Bakersfield College spokesperson Amber Chiang.

There were two incidents Wednesday alone.

A campus officer stopped a suspected thief in the act.

"The suspect was arrested on numerous felonies including carrying a stolen firearm," Chiang said.

Cops say 46-year-old Frankie Lee Jones had a loaded .44 in his rear waistband.

Then just a few hours later it happened again.

A student called 911 after seeing suspicious activity.

"Bakersfield Police department was already nearby and responded quickly and actually caught two suspects in a stolen vehicle a couple of blocks from campus," Chiang said.

Police say the two suspects that led them on a short chase were 16 and 17 years old. College officials credit the three arrests to a partnership between campus safety officers and Bakersfield police.

But even with those arrests, Chiang said students should remain on alert.

"I think they should remain concerned, remain vigilant. Like the student who called 911; all students should maintain that behavior," she said.

Students we talked to say they worry about their cars while they are in class.

"I am really worried. I take everything, like my wallet. I am just scared," Marron said.

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