8-Year-Old Missing Girl Found 9 Miles From Home

Girl Disappeared From Bed Overnight, Discovered Wandering Barefoot 7 Hours Later

An 8-year-old girl disappeared from her bed overnight, but was found later Wednesday morning wandering barefoot with a bruise on her face, nine miles away from home.

The last time the girl was seen, her family was putting her to bed at 9 p.m. Tuesday at their home on Loch Lomand Drive. But when her parents checked on her at 3:45 a.m., she was gone.

"It just started out she was missing, then it was abducted," said David Jones, the girl's grandfather. "Then it was just a lot of crying and stuff and it was hard to understand wht they were saying."

The girl was found seven hours later, when construction crews saw wandering barefoot with a bruise on her face nine miles away on Eucalyptus Drive in East Bakersfield.

911 Call (Edited) - 8-Year-Old Missing Girl Found 9 Miles From Home

"I saw her coming by right there in the field alone," said worker Guillermo Belmond. "She was just walking, kind of like with her face down."

Someone took the girl to get water, and then asked a neighbor to help her.

"He brought her to us and we took her into the house to get her something to eat because she was saying she was kind of hungry," said Isaias Duarte, who called the police. "And the police showed up right away."

Neighbors say they don't understand how a child went missing from a home full of people, with a yard full of dogs, and a high gate.

"How she just went missing out of the house at night worries me because there's never been anything like this going on in this neighborhood," said neighbor D.J. Nolan.

Nonetheless, neighbors said all that matters is that the girl is safe, and if someone did take her, that person is brought to justice.

"I've said many prayers for her and the family," said neighbor Nicholas Miranda. "It's a very traumatic case, I hope the girl is alright. I can't imagine what's going through that poor child's head right now. She probably needs a lot of love and attention from her family right now."

The girl was taken to Kern Medical Center for observation. Several hours later, investigators are still teating her home as a crime scene, trying to determine if a stranger or a family member took her, or if it's something else entirely.

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