Accused Bail Bondsmen Killer Arraigned

Judge Refuses Bail

The man accused of gunning down two bail bondsmen last week stood before a judge for the first time on two murder charges Tuesday.

Stephen Stewart is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of bond agents Brandon and Zachary Sims.

Stewart said little as he stood before a judge for a brief appearance. He rolled his eyes as the judge told him he would not get bail.

"I just wanted to look the guy in the eye," said local bonds man and victim’s family friend Shawn Dunn.

The court date was the first chance for people who knew the victims to see Stewart in person.

"Angered, if I could have gotten to the guy I probably would have done something wrong," Dunn said.

He is a lifelong friend of the victim's father Vincent Sims and says he knew the victims since they were born. Brandon and Zach Sims were picking up bail jumper Zachary Perrick when police say Stewart shot the brothers.

"The kids are smart kids, but it was one of those stupid ones. He was wanted on a paraphernalia charge. He's not a violent offender. You don’t think anything; you are just going to go get him," Dunn said.

Stewart fled and later surrendered after a standoff with police on Saturday.

"I am not happy he is in custody he should have come out fighting and gone down that’s the way I feel about it," Dunn said.

Family and friends are slowly coming to realize they can never bring Brandon and Zachary back. Now, they hope to see the alleged killer face justice.

"It made them feel really good that they at least caught the guy. So we know who's responsible and he didn't get away and we'll make sure one way or another justice is done to that guy," Dunn said.

Shawn Dunn says the funeral for the Sims brothers has now been set for 10 a.m. Tuesday at Greenlawn cemetery on Panama Lane.

Stewart is due back in court the same day.

23ABC spoke to the victim's father late Tuesday. He says the fund set up for to pay for the victims' funerals hasn't received many donations and is nearly empty.

Funds can be donated to this account at Bank Of America - #1267119417

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