Anti-Sludge Ordinance Begins Immediately

Measure “E” Implementation Begins

The Public Health Services Department announced today it will immediately begin enforcement of voter approved “Measure E.”

Often referred to as "the anti-sludge ordinance," “Measure E” prohibits the land application of biosolids within the unincorporated areas of Kern County. “Biosolids” are treated solid, semi-solid or liquid residue generated during the treatment of sewage in a wastewater treatment facility.

Matt Constantine, Director of Public Health Services Department, states, “Land application of any materials containing biosolids is prohibited immediately. Our Environmental Health Division will issue notifications to known facilities likely to be affected to inform them that enforcement of Measure E has begun.”

Notification includes informing existing permit holders that they have six months to discontinue the land application of biosolids.

In addition, the ban prohibits the discharge of biosolids to surface waters and surface water drainage courses and prohibits leaching or other introduction of biosolids to groundwater aquifers. Biosolids, packaged for routine retail sales through regular retail outlets, which are primarily used for residential purposes in limited amounts are permissible and are excluded from the ban.

Violation of the ordinance is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $500 or not more than six months in prison, or both, for each day of violation. An offender may also be required to pay for cleanup and disposal costs and may be subjected to significant administrative penalties for each day the violation occurs.

Additional information regarding “Measure E” can be found at or by calling (661) 321-3000.

Information Provided By The Kern County Department Of Health

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